The legal structure of your company

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Before starting a business or even choosing a jurisdiction, you need to plan a corporate structure for your business and based on that determine the purpose of the business you wish to start. It is important to understand the business structure of your company as this will determine the jurisdiction and type of company you choose to best meet your needs.

As different legal entities are usually subject to different tax regulations, it is important to have a clear vision for your company, including the area of activity and the corporate structure. Choosing the right legal form for your business is crucial for tax planning purposes; Otherwise you risk additional costs that could easily have been avoided. Also, some types of companies are bound by certain restrictions on accepting new business partners or third-party investors, which can pose a problem if you plan to work with invested capital. One of the most important aspects is the liability of the owners: different legal entities have different levels and mechanisms of liability for the business owner in relation to the company's relationships with third parties. In order to avoid unnecessary risks, we strongly advise you to think twice before choosing a legal form.

A company’s legal structure refers to its internal composition and its management and supervisory bodies as well as the liability of the owners in relation to third parties. On this basis, we can offer you the following legal company structures:

Limited liability company (LLC)
Joint-stock company (JSC)
Limited partnership (LP)
Limited liability partnership (LLP)
General partnership (GP)
Branch office
Representative office
Confidus Solutions can provide you with in-depth legal consultation regarding business and tax planning strategies, as well as advising on a suitable legal structure for your company. As each type of entity has its own benefits and disadvantages, we strongly recommend that you contact us before proceeding with the company formation procedure.


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