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Cryptocurrency is a relatively new term, having emerged in 2008. In general, it is a digital currency. The main principles of almost all cryptocurrencies are:

Decentralization of emission/control bodies;
Application of various cryptographic methods;
Collective systematization.
Cryptocurrencies usually do not have common issuing and control bodies. No national bank or other government structure has direct control over the issuance and value of cryptocurrencies. This explains why its value and general status are determined solely by a theoretical consensus of all its holders.

Modern blockchain technology
Blockchain is a system that records all transactions related to cryptocurrency. The system contains modules, each called a “block”. Each block represents a decoded record of a specific cryptocurrency-related transaction. It also contains an encoded reference to the previous block, which continuously contains a record regarding the previous transaction. As a result, all information related to transactions and manipulations performed with specific units of a single cryptocurrency can be traced back to the original entry. By performing such a backtrack, its validity can be checked. You have to keep in mind that the blocks and entries cannot be changed after registration, making it impossible to influence / modify the entire chain, making it a safe and elegant solution for digital transactions.

Cryptocurrency trading
Despite the fact that there are several different cryptocurrencies, each serving different purposes and using slightly different methods, there is one common set of rules when trading cryptocurrencies worth following:

learn as much as possible about the blockchain and its main principles;
Study on the most popular cryptocurrencies and their advantages;
carefully weigh your options and possible risks;
Stay up to date with news related to finance and cryptocurrencies;
create an exchange account specifically for crypto trading;
start with smaller amounts to study the market;
always research and constantly improve your knowledge;
Finally, try to trade with larger numbers, implement complex solutions.
Cryptocurrency Mining Process
Crypto mining is a general way of referring to a transaction validation process. It is usually performed by using computing power to perform certain calculations within a common mining system. For contributing computing power, miners are usually rewarded with certain units of the cryptocurrency being mined. Such mining affects and increases the total number of cryptocurrencies in sales, affecting their public value.

Cryptocurrency payment solutions
With cryptocurrencies emerging rapidly just a decade ago, national governments have had almost no chance to respond appropriately and enact laws and regulations regarding cryptocurrency usage, resulting in most public services not being paid for in crypto could. However, as the value of many cryptocurrencies rose, many governments showed increasing interest in BitCoin and few other cryptocurrencies. Numerous companies and financial institutions have started to actively develop and implement crypto-based payment platforms and other solutions, some of which have been required by the official governments.

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